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Charlie Chipmunk

🎶🐿 Playing the same melody in different tempos, octaves, and dynamics to match the story.

📕Once upon a time, Brother Chipmunk went out to play. (🎹 at a moderate tempo)

📗As Brother Chipmunk was in the woods, he heard a screech. He got really scared and ran towards home. (🎹 at a faster tempo)

📘When he got home, Mama Chipmunk soothed him and said it was probably just the neighbour practicing his kazoo. Shhh, Sister Chipmunk is taking her nap. (🎹 slowly and softly)

📙A while later, Papa Chipmunk brought Brother and Sister Chipmunk to the playground. They had lots of fun. (🎹 happily, hands together)

Piano duet by Jayden and me 😄




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