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Aileen Ng (LTCL, ATCL, B.Com)

Aileen is a highly experienced piano teacher having more than 20 years of teaching experiences in Toronto, Canada and Hong Kong with students of all ages and levels. A patient, passionate, enthusiastic and engaged teacher, she is deeply dedicated to giving students rich musical knowledge and inspirations, allowing them to discover a lifelong fulfillment and passion in music.

Graduated from the University of Toronto, Aileen began studying piano and musical literacy at the age of four. She holds a Licentiate (LTCL) and Associate (ATCL) Diplomas in Piano from the Trinity College London both with Distinction and graduated with a Diploma in Music Performance in Piano from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Furthermore, she obtained an advanced certificate in Certified Judge of Piano Competition from the Hong Kong Musical Art Development Centre, and obtained certificates of Level 10 in Piano with first class honours and Level 10 in Theory with honours both from The Royal Conservatory of Music.

Aileen has a great passion for music and teaching. In Toronto, she worked with various music centers as a summer camp assistant, piano accompanist, and a teacher for over 7 years. At present, she has been teaching at her home studio in Tsing Yi, Hong Kong for more than 15 years. She is also Vice President of the International Institute for Music Education (IIME), a non profit organization. It is a network of qualified professional musicians and educators who are dedicated to impart positive values of music and music education to children, parents, and music teachers via community work and music education programs.

In addition to her expertise and experience in teaching, Aileen also earned a certificate of Basic Sound Healing from the Natural Soundhealing International School and completed several Mindfulness courses such as UCLA Mindful Awareness Practices course, training program requirement for Mindfulness for Children Diploma, and obtained a certificate of Mindfulness for Teenagers and Schools. 

When not working, Aileen enjoys reading, jogging, cardio dancing, hiking, cycling, and spending time in nature with her family.

Teaching Philosophy

~Love of Music | Music for Life~

My teaching philosophy is to assist students in the pursuit of musical excellence by focusing on the whole musicianship and inspire them to reach their full musical potential. 

I am deeply dedicated to giving students rich musical knowledge and inspirations, allowing them to discover a lifelong fulfillment and passion in music. Ultimately, I hope to integrate music as a key component of students' lives, and hopefully, their lives are enriched by music.

Lesson Content

Learning through play based and tailored to meet students' needs and interests, lessons are always full of enjoyment, curiosity, and learning, along with building confidence, boosting motivation and stimulating creativity. After all, students find joy, happiness, and love in learning.


Building solid foundations and musical concepts such as good hand and sitting posture, fluency in music reading, good musical ear and sense of rhythm, proper piano techniques, music theory, music history, musical interpretation etc. It does require lots of time and patience but the rewards make it well worthwhile.


Pieces will be chosen from different musical periods. Improvisation, composition, scales, sight reading, theory and aural will be covered in lessons too.


Students are often encouraged to participate in competitions, recitals, and exams. It will not only let them enjoy the journey, but also bring them fruitful, memorable and rewarding experiences.

If you have any further queries or would like to schedule an interview / assessment, please feel free to contact Ms. Aileen.

Kawai GE-20 Grand Piano is used for lessons.

關於導師 Aileen Ng (LTCL, ATCL, B.Com)



  • 畢業於加拿大多倫多大學。

  • 具有20年以上教學經驗。

  • 英國倫敦聖三一音樂學院鋼琴演奏文憑 LTCL, ATCL, 取得優異成績 (Distinction)。

  • 香港中文大學專業進修學院音樂演奏(鋼琴)文憑。

  • 鋼琴比賽評判資歷進階證書 (Hong Kong Musical Art Development Centre)。

  • 十級 (Level 10) 鋼琴一級榮譽 (The Royal Conservatory of Music)。

  • 十級 (Level 10) 樂理榮譽 (The Royal Conservatory of Music)。

  • 非牟利組織International Institute for Music Education (IIME) 的聯合創辦人。



目標在於整個音樂藝術修養及全面音樂培訓, 助學生發掘並發揮其音樂潛能。



  • 從遊戲中學習。

  • 以學生為中心,按照學生的學習需求和興趣而規劃教材。

  • 建立良好的基礎和音樂概念。 例如,正確手形和坐姿,培養對節奏的敏感度,掌握鋼琴彈奏技巧,良好的音感和視譜能力,音樂理論,音樂歷史和音樂演繹等。

  • 作品將從不同音樂時期中選擇。

  • 音階,樂理,讀譜演奏,聆聽訓練,即興彈奏和作曲也是課程一部份。

  • 常鼓勵學生參加比賽,演奏會和考試。

歡迎隨時聯絡 Ms. Aileen查詢有關課程, 報名及其他資料。

用Kawai GE-20三角鋼琴授課

Awards Received


Outstanding Teacher Certificate 

Outstanding Teacher Certificate (Grade 1)

Pleyel Piano Competition


Outstanding Teacher Certificate

8th Hong Kong Youth Music Competition


Outstanding Teacher Certificate

8th Hong Kong Asia-Pacific Youth Piano Competition


Dedicated Excellent Music Teaching

The 6th Hong Kong Youth Barclampory Music Festival


Teaching Excellence Award

2015 Hong Kong Music Competition for Young Pianists

April 1998

Markham Music Festival, Markham, Ontario, Canada

Second place in Piano Solo, Grade 10, List E


April 1997

Yip's Music Festival, Markham, Ontario, Canada

First place in Piano Solo, Grade 9, List D


March 1996

Yip's Music Festival, Markham, Ontario, Canada

Third place in Piano Solo, Grade 8, List C and D

Public Performances