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Lesson Policies

Please review the following policies carefully.

Understanding the policies and expectations will help ensure a positive, fun, and successful musical experience.

Thank you.



Tuition fee is paid monthly in advance on the bases of the number of weeks anticipated in the month (4 weeks 4 lessons; 5 weeks 5 lessons). Payment is due ONE week before the FIRST lesson of the month in order to secure your time slot for the upcoming month.

Only cash payment accepted. Please insert the payment into an envelope.

NO refunds will be given once the payment is made.


Reschedule / missed lessons

Regular attendance is required to make appropriate progress. Please understand that your lesson time is reserved exclusively for you in the teacher’s schedule. 


If you need to reschedule your piano lesson, please inform the teacher 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, the lesson fees will be CHARGED. Consideration will be taken for students who become suddenly ill and should inform the teacher as soon as possible.


Students who DON’T SHOW UP for scheduled lessons will NOT be offered make-ups regardless of the reason and the missed lessons fees will be CHARGED.

Lessons cancelled by the teacher will be made up or the paid tuition fees will be carried over to the following month.


Online lessons

Online lessons (e.g., Zoom) are offered to students who have difficulties travelling for lessons because of the weather, traffic, family issues etc.

Photo/Video Release

Photos and videos of students may be posted on Aileen Piano website and on other social media, or included in recital posters and brochures. Please provide a written request to opt out.



Lesson time is precious. Please be punctual.  No call will be answered during the piano teaching. Please leave a message / WhatsApp if no one picks up the phone.

** Your cooperation is greatly appreciated **

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