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Piano Lessons 

Learning through play based and tailored to meet students' needs and interests, lessons are always full of enjoyment, curiosity, and learning, along with building confidence, boosting motivation and stimulating creativity. After all, students find joy, happiness, and love in learning.


Building solid foundations and musical concepts such as good hand and sitting posture, fluency in music reading, good musical ear and sense of rhythm, proper piano techniques, music theory, music history, musical interpretation etc. It does require lots of time and patience but the re wards make it well worthwhile.


Pieces will be chosen from different musical periods. Improvisation, composition, scales, sight reading, theory and aural will be covered in lessons too.


Students are often encouraged to participate in competitions, recitals, and exams. It will not only let them enjoy the journey, but also bring them fruitful, memorable and rewarding experiences.

If you have any further queries or would like to schedule an interview / assessment, please feel free to contact Ms. Aileen.

Yamaha U1 and Yamaha Grand Piano are used for lessons.

English | Cantonese | Mandarin

Online Piano Lessons

Online lessons (e.g., Zoom) allow students to enjoy the fun and fulfillment of piano lessons from the convenience of their home while maintaining the efficiency and interactivity of in-person teaching.


 What You Need:

1. A computer or tablet with an internet connection

2. A webcam or a built in webcam

3. An account with Zoom or other video calling apps

4. A Piano

5. A pair of headphones

6. A quiet lesson place 

7. A passion to learn and play :D

(Online lessons are also offered to students who have difficulties travelling for regular or make up lessons because of the weather, traffic, family issues etc.)

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