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Short Story with Music: The Little Rabbit

Recital 2015-3.jpg

The Little Rabbit by J.Donaldson

Story edited and arranged by: Ms. Aileen

Narrated by: Alicia Suen

Music used in The Little Rabbit (in order of appearance) 

   1. Jaimie Hui - A Tender Flower (F.Swinstead)

   2. Ryan Fung - Indians (W.A.Palmer)

   3. Oscar Wong - Camptown Races (S.Foster)

   4. Edwin Lee - The Lonely Road (F.Swinstead)

   5. Sophie Lam - Cracker Jack! (W.A.Palmer)

   6. Melanie Chu - Knock! Knock! (W.A.Palmer)

   7. Athan Iu - Wiill you, Won't you? (L.Carroll)

   8. Janis Law - German Waltz (V.A.Duvernoy)

   9. Lam Wai - Moonlight (J.M.Estella)

   10. Shannon Tan - Anyone for Tick-Tac-Toe? (W.A.Palmer)

   11. Ashley Lam - Morning Wong, Op.32 No.1 (R.Fuchs)

   12. Hannah Cheng - La Lutine (J.P.Kirnberger)

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