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Short Story with Music: Biblioburro

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I am very happy to share this true story “Biblioburro” (from Colombia) with my students in this year recital. We read the story along with music playing. Glad all of you enjoyed it. 
My son and I love this story very much. I particularly love the meaning behind it. 
“Luis understood the transformative power of reading because of his experiences as a schoolteacher. He wanted to share his collection of books with the children and adults in the isolated villages in the distant hills, where books were scarce. Most houses had none.”
I hope my little chat at the end of the recital will let my students understand more about Luis’s situation and his attitude when facing difficulties. And of course, the meaning behind this project.
“I love my job despite all the adversities and problems, and I always have a good disposition and attitude when facing the circumstances” – Luis

Biblioburro by J. Winter

Story edited and arranged by: Ms. Aileen

Narrated by: Melanie Chu, Janis Law, Shannon Tan

Music used in Biblioburro (in order of appearance)

  1. Jaimie Hui - The Little Flower (N.Podgornov)

  2. Lam Wai - LØvet faller: from Barnebilder (K.Nystedt)

  3. Shannon Tan - A Hiding Game (W.A.Palmer)

  4. Athan Iu - Wading in the Water (C.Gurlitt)

  5. Oscar Wong - My Computer (W.A.Palmer)

  6. Janis Law - March of the Geese (B.Kaneda)

  7. Melanie Lam - Brave Knight (M.Vogel)

  8. Edwin Lee - The Fox Hunt (C.Gurlitt)

  9. Torres Lam, Debby Lam - Tongue-Twister (W.A.Palmer)

  10. Oscar Wong - Sailor’s Song (F.Swinstead)

  11. Carman Lam, Debby Lam - I Taut I Taw a Puddy-Tat (W.Foster)

  12. Janis Law - Hot Rolls: No.8 from The Windmill (L. Fly)

  13. Ryan Fung - Dance of the Hours, La Gioconda (arr. Bullard) (A.Ponchielli)

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