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Short Poem with Music: Visiting Feelings

Recital 2018 Visiting Feelings

Grateful to share this beautiful rhyme “Visiting Feelings" with students and parents in the Recital.

Lauren Rubenstein, the author, is a licensed clinical psychologist. She also teaches yoga and mindfulness to children and adolescents.

“Visiting Feelings” invites children to explore and observe the present moment by using their senses. It encourages children to recognize and befriend their feelings and emotions in a positive manner. By deepen the understanding of their inner world (inner voices), it cultivates and enhances their emotional intelligence.

Understand the range of feelings and emotions will definitely strengthen our musical interpretation skills. If we only focus on technique, theory, structure, historical background of the music but without any feelings and emotions towards it, we are not truly and fully experience the spirit, beauty, and the sensation of music.

Visiting Feelings by Lauren Rubenstein

Narrated by: Noriaki Akiyama, Kate Chan

Music used in Visiting Feelings (in order of appearance)

    1. Noriaki Akiyama - Liebestraum (F.Liszt arr. by J.Bastien)

    2. Sophie Tsang - That’s a Fourth (W.A.Palmer)

    3. Charisse Cheng - What Will You Do? (W.A.Palmer)

    4. Charisse Cheng - Love Somebody (W.A.Palmer)

    5. Joshua Law and Janis Law - Yankee Doodle

    6. Kate Chan - Bagpipe Dance (F.L.Couppey)

    7. Chloe Luk - Willie & Tillie (W.A.Palmer)

    8. Noriaki Akiyama - Wading In The Water (C.Gurlitt)

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