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Students Projects

Listening Activity

20190901 Gathering Edwin.jpg

Listening activity will not only enhance students listening skills but also their attention skills. By guiding them to become more aware of the dynamic, phrasing, timbre and articulation, students will learn to really hear what the music is saying to them.

It's wonderful to have everyone engaged and have fun in this activity. We had a guess about which country does this piece belongs to. Everyone had a good time finding the best bet.

It wouldn't be too difficult if you know the word 'Toreador' from the title of this song. The Elegant Toreador was composed by Seymour Bernstein. Toreador is a bullfighter who fight with a bull and it's a Spanish sport. A successful toreador is the star of the show, dressed in the traditional costume of colorful silk pants, shiny black shoes, and a fitted satin jacket decorated with gold braid. The toreador also has a red cape that he waves at the bull, daring it to fight.

In this piece, the composer used the interval of a 2nd to imitate the sound of a tambourine which is commonly used in Spanish music. He also used repeated notes to show the bull is running towards the Toreador.

Thank you Edwin for showing us an Elegant Toreador!

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