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Annual Students Recital

Music is a universal language. Grateful to have it surround us.

The annual Students' Recitals give us the opportunity to share the Love of Music and to connect to each other.

For seven years, Space Museum Lecture Hall has been the venue for our recitals, and Tom Lee's Music Centre for our rehearsals. I have always loved doing something new in each recital, like a short moral story accompanied by music and narrator. I am glad students love it. Last year, I organized a special event for students in Central. Besides playing music, we shared our thoughts in music playing and practicing. Undoubtedly, all these events have been a fruitful, positive and rewarding experience for students and even myself.

It's the beginning of a year and it's time to start planning. I have been asking students for suggestions. Whether they would like to perform in the Space Museum or in Central, the most important is to share the Love of Music.

Cheers :D



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